Financial Accountability

Financial Accountability RM Matovu Medical Center Uganda

RMM Child & Maternal Medical Center: How we use donated funds

100% of the money we receive will go to:

  1. Establishing a medically accessible building that will house the medical center. This will be achieved by renovating the original building (our childhood home).
  2. Bringing water and electricity into the Center.
  3. Buying medical equipment, including but not limited to: lab equipment, exam room equipment, medical instruments, furniture, stationery for record keeping, refrigerators to store Vaccines, and an ambulance for transporting the very sick to a higher level medical center for further treatment.
  4. Recruiting Doctors, Nurses and other personnel needed to run the medical center and providing for their compensation.
  5. Building a dispensary for medications and other medical supplies.
  6. Cultivating our land (over one thousand acres) to grow crops and raise animals for center sustainability.
Everything that I have ever been able to accomplish in my life has come out of adversity and perseverance.
Annette Ndagano, MD
R.M. Matovu Children & Maternal Medical Center