World Dance for Humanity

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World Dance for Humanity bridges cultures through movement and helps people in need by supporting small, sustainable, grassroots projects locally and in the developing world. All charitable donations and class fees go to underserved communities where a small amount of money can inspire hope and change lives, and where we can develop deep connections to the people we serve.

World Dance was founded in 2010 in Santa Barbara by dancer, anthropologist and aid worker Janet Reineck. It started as a low-cost exercise class that would bring together the best of world dance and music to get people in shape and inspired. But it has become much more than that. World Dance for Humanity is now a nonprofit organization supported by an enthusiastic community of dancers and donors who come together to build a deep connection with each other and with communities in distant lands.

Between 2010 and 2013 we supported grassroots projects in Nepal, Kenya, Ghana, Liberia, Uganda, and gave grants to Santa Barbara charities. In the Spring of 2013 we inherited the projects begun in Rwanda by Goats for Life, a Santa Barbara-based nonprofit that had been doing life-saving work in that country for six years. We have seen a real shift in the mindset in the Rwanda communities, as families begin to believe in the future, and work for a sustainable livelihood.

We are now helping 8,400 people in 25 rural Rwandan cooperatives in Rwanda left divided and destitute by the 1994 genocide. We also continue to support projects in our local community. Our work is simple, direct, and impactful. And every dollar contributed through class or donated helps ease suffering and build new lives, thanks to a donation which has covered our minimal administrative expenses.

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