Girl Up Initiative Uganda

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Our Mission

Girl Up Initiative Uganda (GUIU) is a young-women led organization established in 2012 that is working to provide young women and girls with opportunities to succeed and thrive as leaders in their slum communities through holistic education and economic empowerment.

Our Vision

We envision a world where girls can achieve their full potential through access to an education, and develop into economically independent, empowered young women capable of contributing to their families and communities as a whole.

Our Aims

GUIU aims to provide the following to girls and women; and work according to the following aims:

  • Voice to women and girls in decision-making in their household, community and country; in politics, business, the media and civil society; through their participation, leadership and collective action
  • Choice to women and girls to complete education and to benefit from paid work and opportunities to make sufficient income; over whether, when and with whom to have sex, marry and/or have children; to end child, early and forced marriage (CEFM)
  • Ownership of women and girls over their bodies and mobility, including their safety from violence; to control income, productive assets and other resources (including food, water and energy); with equal rights, access to justice, and freedom from discriminatory social norms

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