About R.M.Matovu Santa Barbara Uganda Medical Center
Our Mother, R.M.Matovu

About the R.M.Matovu Memorial Child and Maternal Medical Center

The RMM Child &Maternal Medical Center is named after our late mother, R.M. Matovu, who was the pillar of our village. 

The center will be located in our childhood village and it will serve a much larger rural population of 150,000 people (10 villages in total). Our village is where our parish church is located -- it's a kind of "Hub"" for the larger community of surrounding villages.

Our mission is to make health care accessible to this entire rural community: our inspiration to give back to this rural population comes from the fact these are all our people and that we grew up with no accessible health services and it breaks our spirit to see that 52 yrs later nothing much has changed.

Our mother died from a simple skin infection because she didn't have access to a 10 day course of oral antibiotics.

This center represents what she stood for: that all people share and long for the same basic needs of good health and a long and fulfilling life, and that all deserve someone to care about and advocate for their health and welfare.

The RMM Child & Maternal Medical Center is dedicated to giving this vulnerable rural population accessible basic health care and providing preventative health services, including but not limited to immunization, prenatal care, STD screening (including HIV), nutritional education, and urgent care.

About Founder Annette Ndagano, MD

About Matovu Medical Santa Barbara Uganda
Annette Ngadano, MD

I was born and raised in rural South East Uganda, where I had my early childhood education. I completed my undergraduate and medical school training in Uganda. At 25 years of age, I emigrated to the US to pursue post-graduate education in Pediatrics, and since then I have worked mostly in primary care in rural settings. I am the mother of two wonderful sons and one beautiful daughter.

My Commitment To Service

I bring an unparalleled commitment to serve underserved or neglected rural communities. Having been born and raised in rural Uganda, I have an extensive understanding of the medical, educational and nutritional needs of rural populations. I have mostly worked in rural primary care pediatrics.

I am currently settled in Santa Barbara, CA, and work as the Primary Care Pediatrician at the Santa Barbra County Public Health Clinic, working with the underserved population.

My Medical Experience

I have been in Primary Care Pediatrics for 22 years. I have worked with both urban and rural populations but my passion has mainly been for rural undeserved populations. I have an extensive understanding of their medical and social needs and how to tackle and manage these needs. I am passionate about serving and giving back to underserved communities.

About Matovu Medical Santa Barbara Uganda2
Some of Our Village's Children

I Bring to My Work:

  • Fierce Optimism
  • Strong Motivation
  • Flexibility
  • Openness To New Opportunities
  • Excellent Listening skills
  • Dependability, Loyalty, Honesty
  • Extensive knowledge of Rural Medical and Social Needs
  • I am a Quick Learner and Well Travelled